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International Management
   Since 1996 Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co., Ltd (GMCC) has owned the self-supporting right of import and export, our import and export business has grown bigger and bigger and the sum of import and export also annually increased. From 1997 to 2002, the sum of import and export reached 30 million US dollars. Moreover, from 2003 to 2005 the number of exporting merchandise kept steadily increasing, by 100% compared to the same term of last year.
  In order to make our products, capitals, brand, and intangible assets internationalization, the Overseas Development Headquarter of GMCC establishes a series of overseas market developing plan. Breaking through Asian market as the good beginning, then we gradually make the breakthrough of European and American, Oceanian, and African market come true. Meanwhile, we set up our own sub-companies and agencies abroad step by step, having formed international sales net.
  Currently, card production of GMCC exports to more than 40 countries, such as Japan, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, Indian, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, UAE, Lebanon, Israel, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Panama, South Africa, Iran, Ukraine, Armenia, Denmark and so on.
  As exporting products increases, compared with the single magnetic stripe card before, the export of our products now includes contract IC card, contactless IC card, telephone card, and airplane ticket, aviation document, pacing and printing etc. Developed from the products with simple process and low technology to the products with high technology and high added value, we realized the export of invisible magnetic stripe card, high coercivity magnetic stripe card, non-standard card, and transparent magnetic stripe card. The further expansion of overseas project includes several fields, such as international intercommunication and cooperation of technology, the information system project contracting to build out of frontier, capitals running in foreign countries.
  Products of GMCC are prestigious among the same and related industry, moreover, GMCC as a brand, is gradually attracting their eye. GMCC will continue accelerate the course of internationalization, carry on the overseas card system project, accelerate the export of system and equipment, and show us as the international data card system integration manufacturer.

Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co., Ltd (GMCC) is one of the 520 national key enterprises in China , an approved card manufacturer of China unionpay, an appointed supplier of state organs.

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