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Introduction of Cards :

(1) Bank Card : So far, the company was one of the main manufacturers of the special-purpose credit card of five major banks of China since 1993. The card products are produced according to ISO9001 International Quality Management System Standard strictly, and they have advanced technology, stable quality, and high security.

Main Bank Customers of Company : Commercial and Industrial Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Communication Bank of China Bank of China, Everbright Bank of China, China Minsheng Bank, China Huaxia Bank and commercial bank of every province.

(2) Telecom Card : Our company, in order to serve telecommunication trade, introduced several digitized personalized card production systems and automatically sealed and wrapped equipment with high speed which were in the world-lead level from Europe in 2001. They can meet the requirement of manufacturing a large scale of telecommunication cards that is completing data password transferring, code spewing, LABEL sticking , monitoring on line, encapsulation with no damage, and single page of advertisement at one time. During the production, the totally closed equipment can insure the security of product and the accuracy of figure.
Our company manufactures telecommunication cards with steady quality, high security and high secrecy performance for China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom branch company of every area all the year round.

(3) Social Card : Besides bank and telecommunication industry, our company is still extensive to manufacture various card products for industry such as commercial retailing, travel, food and beverage, and entertainment etc, including electronic consumption card, entrance guard's card of hotels, favorable card of food and beverage, VIP card and various membership cards.

(4) Integrate Circuit Card or IC Card : It is the leading strength on the market of card in future. Compared with the magnetic stripe card, it can store a large number of information, has the advantages of security, strong system, anti-magnetism, dampproof, and dirtproof etc. In the future social economic activity and people's lives, IC card will bear more responsibility.

At present, our company can encapsulate many knids of contact IC card and contactless IC card (called the radio frequency card), and also can offer a whole set of personalization service, such as, reading , writing and printing samples.

Contact IC card: The IC card products that our company produces are mainly applied to commercial retailing, medical insurance, water and electricity management of the house, food and beverage selling fields, including electronic consumption card, entrance guard's card of hotels, favorable card of food and beverage.

Contactless IC Card : It is mainly applied to two fields---public transport and people management. The products totally comply with MIFARE technical standard, supporting ISO 14443 international standard.

Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co., Ltd (GMCC) is one of the 520 national key enterprises in China , an approved card manufacturer of China unionpay, an appointed supplier of state organs.

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